eGrowe Coach • Coaching Log

Facilitate Growth-Focused Coaching Conversations

Coach & Coachee, Always in Sync

Real-Time, Collaborative Coaching

The updated coaching interface provides a seamless, real-time coaching experience for both the coach and coachee, ensuring instructional coaches are able to facilitate effective in-person or virtual teacher support. The coaching log interface also leverages the power of the eGROWE Coaching Model to keep coaching interactions focused on goal, growth, and evidence of learning.

Celebrate Growth with Badges

The point of coaching is growth, and in eGrowe Coach, instructional coaches and teachers don’t just talk about growth they document it with growth indicators and celebrate it with badges!

Track Badge Progress in Real time

Thousands of Resources, Available in Seconds

Options for Growth Aligned to Professional Learning Standards

The coaching log interface in eGrowe Coach was designed to better align learning/growth activities (or “options”) to the professional learning standards that educators are growing in. Whether it’s one of the thousands of resources available in ePLC or a creative option created on the spot, the interface makes it easy to see exactly which standard and level or mastery the option is connected to.