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Built for Differentiation & Scaffolding

eSuite’s collaborative learner experience design app, eLX, makes it easy for teachers to create standards-aligned, differentiated, and leveled lessons that ensure every student has an individualized path to mastery.

Professional Learning Rubrics & Resources

eSuite’s professional learning rubrics incorporate state and national requirements, research-based professional learning standards, and actionable growth indicators that give educators clear and concise guidance for how to incorporate best practices into their classroom.

Real-Time In-Person or Virtual Coaching

Whether you’re sitting across the table or across the country, the live-reloading coaching log in eGrowe Coach provides a seamless coaching experience that structures and guides coaching conversations for a laser focus on growth and evidence.

Coaching & Growth Reports for Educators

eSuite Reports summarizes data collected from across the eSuite ecosystem into easy-to-read reports that allow district/campus admins to make a direct correlation between educator growth and student outcomes.

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Collaborative Unit Design Builder

eSuite’s collaborative learner experience design app makes it easy to create standards-aligned, differentiated rubrics for mastery learning.


Tools for Growth at All Levels

A bank of vetted professional learning resources and a learner experience design app put a myriad of tools for growth at your fingertips.

Professional Learning Rubrics that Work

eGrowe Coach guides coachees through a personalized pathway of growth using research-based rubrics for teachers, coaches, and leaders that have proven results.

Micro-credentials & Badges

As teachers, admins, and coaches master their professional learning standards they earn micro-credentials that encourage and foster continued growth at all levels.

Tell the Story of Your Impact

Don’t rely on a few anecdotal stories to convey the impact of coaching positions. Tell the whole story with data on efforts and impact.

Systems for Successful Coaching at Scale

Consistent coaching logs that guide the process and ensure even rookie coaches can deliver effective coaching right away so your team can coach across the entire district.