Frequently Asked Questions

Our teachers already have an abundance of resources to help students learn. How can eSuite help?
For teachers who are rich in the “what,” eSuite provides the “how.”  The e2L Best Practices rubrics include actionable strategies that teachers can incorporate into their daily practice, whether they teach face-to-face, virtually, or in a hybrid setting.
How does eSuite support the implementation of High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM)?
eSuite’s High-Yield Best Practices provide teachers with actionable strategies on how to implement HQIM at 100% of its potential so that students grow and achieve.  Did you know that without proper support, HQIM only yields 50% of the potential value?  eSuite is that support system that ensures HQIM is implemented effectively, and ROI is attained.
Is eSuite customizable in any way?
Yes, tons!  There are so many ways eSuite can be customized for your local context. We understand each district is unique, so we have built-in customization in many areas, including curriculum standards, professional learning standards, badging, reporting, lesson plan templates, and creating your own resources in ePLC.
Is eSuite mobile-friendly?
Yes. eSuite puts the power of e2L’s processes and best practices in the palm of your hand and is built to work on any device, mobile or desktop.
What type of support is offered?
Our staff is happy to serve our partners!  We offer continuous support in many ways. Inside of eSuite are robust user guides for each app and a knowledge base with the most frequently asked questions.  We also have a ticketing system accessible 24/7 that provides a direct line to our eSuite support team.  eSuite users experience 99.9% uptime with the application suite.
We have district curriculum documents we’re required to follow. Is it still possible to use eLX to design units?
It sure is!  In fact, eLX makes it easier to implement in an engaging and effective way, with its unique way of organizing content for learners to access.
If I design units in eLX, can they be integrated into the Learning Management System we use in my district?
Absolutely!  With a click of a button, the student-facing materials can be integrated into your LMS, so students access everything for your classroom or course in one place.
Does eSuite support coaching in a virtual setting?
It doesn’t just support it - it’s made for it!  In fact, it’s hard to imagine coaching virtually without it.  When coaching virtually, it’s critical to have a coaching management platform to capture goals, next steps, growth data, and celebrations, so teachers feel supported and have access to a knowledge base that guides them.  It fosters a personal connection between coach and coachee and gives teachers a direct line to other teachers, Best Practices, and ideas to take their daily practice to the next level.
In our district, our teachers are challenged by the gaps in knowledge our students have. Does eLX help teachers differentiate?
When teachers learn how to organize content inside of eLX, they often say that it doesn’t just make differentiation possible, it makes it easy!  And it really does!  Once teachers understand how this leads to autonomous, personalized learning experiences, they’ll have a hard time going back to their old methods of sequencing instruction.  It’s a win-win for students and teachers!
We already have a fabulous team of coaches. How does eSuite fit in? What value does it add?
How do you know if your coaching is truly making the impact you envision?  With eGrowe Coach, your fabulous coaching team can collect data on the growth they see in their coachees and allow you to quantify the value of your coaching team.  As a leader, you identify patterns and trends through coaching and growth analytics in eSuite Reports while also drilling down into any coaching conversation that takes place in your district.  With this real-time data at your fingertips, it helps you tell the story of your district’s growth, celebrate bright spots, and articulate the ROI you are getting from your coaching program.
Do updates to eSuite increase the price, or are they included?
We like to say that eSuite has a growth mindset, as we continually iterate based on our users' feedback.  Not only are updates included in the annual subscription, but they happen outside of business hours, so you don’t have to worry about any downtime.  Since the app is web-based, updates are automatic.  There is no need to update the apps on your end.
How long is a subscription?
eSuite is purchased as an annual subscription. Users will have access for one full calendar year based on when you sign up.
Do all the apps come together, or can I purchase the apps separately?
eSuite is an all-in-one comprehensive educator support and learning design platform that includes four apps.  A license to eSuite provides access to the entire suite and is available through an annual subscription.  Pricing is tiered based on the number of users.