Increase Your Coaching Capacity and Enable Instructional Coaches to Provide More Targeted Support

Now more than ever district leaders face a number of challenges–onboarding and training staff with limited resources, delivering student outcomes with teachers exiting the profession at historic rates, retaining the best teachers and staff to improve campuses. Until now there hasn’t been a solution that doesn’t involve drastically increasing headcount. Enter mySmartCoach–the technology-enabled system that gives districts the ability to increase coaching capacity and improve instructional practices for teachers, even when they don’t have access to a coach. mySmartCoach is a self-driven, on-demand coaching system built on our integrated eGroweCoach app and evidence-based coaching process.

Key Features:

On-demand learning focused on proven instructional best practices

Researched-backed by 800+ academic studies from the brightest minds in teaching and learning.

Consistent, year-round, smart professional learning

Scaffolded support for all teachers and coaches–new and veteran– so that anyone can grow and help their students.

Personalized learning pathways

Educators take ownership of their growth goals independently based on the targeted areas for improvement they choose.

Technology-enabled delivery

Educators receive guidance and learning resources that adapt to their learning style and specific growth goals.

System-generated relevant and effective learning content

Professional learning focused on mastery of rigorous and relevant classroom strategies.

Freedom to focus on high-stakes areas

Districts with coaching teams can dedicate their efforts on the coaching tasks that demand more attention by leveraging technology to handle foundational and administrative tasks.

Educator growth analytics

Gain key insights into what’s working through impactConsole reports on engagement, growth, and achievement at the individual, campus, and district level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of using mySmartCoach?
By investing in professional learning and teacher growth through mySmartCoach and aligning instructors to the 4 critical Best Practices standards, districts can expect to mitigate the effects of disrupted learning, accelerate student achievement, and retain teachers. Plus, equipped with growth data, analytics, and progress badges, you have the tools to recognize and celebrate your teachers’ hard work and achievements – something teachers need now more than ever.
Will I be able to track my teachers’ growth and progress with mySmartCoach?
Yes! Professional growth analytics are automatically captured and organized within the system without adding workload to your teams’ plates. impactConsole dashboards and reports track engagement, growth, and areas for improvement, giving leaders a holistic, comprehensive view of which programs improve learner outcomes and which ones don’t at the individual, campus, and district level.
I already have coaching in my district, so why do I need mySmartCoach?
By using mySmartCoach adaptive technology for the more foundational elements of professional learning, districts with established coaching teams can focus their efforts on high-stakes areas that demand more attention, such as teachers who need support.
Are other standards available with mySmartCoach?
Initially we will launch mySmartCoach with the 4 critical Best Practices proven to lead to teacher growth and student outcomes. In the future, and based on interest, we will add other Best Practices, such as Executive Leadership standards, and can always customize based on our partner’s needs and interest.
How were the 4 critical Best Practice standards selected?
Backed by research from 800+ academic studies from the brightest minds in teaching and learning, such as John Hattie, Robert Marzano, and Steven Zemelman, and by over a decade of experience with coaching teachers and instructional coaches, we have determined these standards to be the most effective in ensuring teacher growth leads to student outcomes.
What standards are currently being coached with mySmartCoach?
mySmartCoach currently coaches on the 4 critical Best Practices proven to lead to teacher growth and student outcomes.
Who can benefit from using mySmartCoach?
mySmartCoach is an alternative to one-size-fits all training, benefitting new and veteran teachers alike: 
  • Thorough support for new teachers who require additional guidance to be successful right off the bat and remain in the profession for years to come
  • Just-right support for veteran teachers who may need specific resources, encouragement, and quick inspiration
  • Actionable strategies for accelerating learning that benefits all teachers and students
What system support is available for users of mySmartCoach?
Teachers/coachees can access a knowledge base of frequently searched topics, communicate with the mySmartCoach support team using Live Chat (M-F, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Central), and/or receive 24/7 support through eSuite’s virtual assistant Brie.
How do teachers/coachees get started using mySmartCoach?
  • Create a profile, including teaching background, length of tenure, and other key facts
  • Watch an introductory video on the eGroweCoach process and the critical best practice standards on which they can receive coaching
  • Select their coach from a variety of available coaching personas/styles
  • Create a coaching plan and schedule the recommended minimum 7 coaching sessions throughout the school year
  • Begin their first mySmartCoach session
How does mySmartCoach work?
Teachers/coachees control when they access mySmartCoach and are guided through each session, taking ownership of their growth and setting growth goals independently. Their selected coach delivers on-demand recommendations, feedback, and relevant materials pulled from a digital library of 5K+ learning resources. Progress badges help teachers identify growth gains and gaps, celebrate achievements, and pinpoint areas for improvement.
Why do I need mySmartCoach in my district?
  • To provide scaffolded support for teachers who don't have access to internal coaching or who aren't supported by existing instructional coaching teams
  • To collect district-wide coaching & growth analytics to show the impact of teacher growth on student outcomes without giving more work to your teams
  • To deliver evidence of growth and ROI within an integrated system that organizes, manages, and reports data and outcomes
Our teachers already have an abundance of resources to help students learn. How can eSuite help?
For teachers who are rich in the “what,” eSuite provides a personalized coaching and support system on the “how.” The e2L Best Practices standards and rubrics that are coached through eGroweCoach and mySmartCoach sessions include actionable strategies that teachers can incorporate into their daily practice, whether they teach face-to-face, virtually, or in a hybrid setting.
Does eSuite support coaching in a virtual setting?
It doesn’t just support it - it’s made for it!  In fact, it’s hard to imagine coaching virtually without it. When coaching virtually, it’s critical to have a coaching management platform to capture goals, next steps, growth data, and celebrations, so teachers feel supported and have access to a knowledge base that guides them. It fosters a personal connection between coach and coachee and gives teachers a direct line to other teachers, Best Practices, and ideas to take their daily practice to the next level.
We already have a fabulous team of coaches. How does eSuite fit in? What value does it add?
How do you know if your coaching is truly making the impact you envision?  With eGroweCoach and mySmartCoach, your fabulous coaching team can collect data on the growth they see in their coachees and allow you to quantify the value of your coaching team. As a leader, you identify patterns and trends through coaching and growth analytics in impactConsole while also drilling down into any coaching conversation that takes place in your district. With this real-time data at your fingertips, it helps you tell the story of your district’s growth, celebrate bright spots, and articulate the ROI you are getting from your coaching program.

4 Professional Growth Apps for Educators in 1 Integrated Platform


Evidence-based, personalized smart professional learning that gets results


Implement meaningful professional learning at scale for every educator


Provide more relevant and effective learning as part of each coaching session


Show the impact of coaching on the outcomes that matter