eSuite Reports

All of your advanced teacher & student growth data in one convenient place

When you invest in teacher growth,
you invest in student growth.

But without actual data, how can you be sure whether or not your district’s investments in professional development are making any sort of real impact on student achievement?

Data to prove the impact your efforts are making.

Track teacher growth data right alongside student growth data for a clear picture about what is (or isn’t!) positively affecting student outcomes.

At-a-Glance Aggregate Data

The updated eSuite Reports Dashboard gives you quick access to all coaching and student achievement data in one convenient location.

  • Evaluate how your entire district or campus is progressing with high-level data
  • Drill down to the specifics with custom data filters
  • Confidently identify what is and is not improving students outcomes

Identify Growth Gains & Gaps

eSuite Reports collects and summarizes coaching data from all across your district, giving you the ability to monitor coachee progress and pinpoint areas for improvement. Utilize the dashboard to answer what before may have felt like unanswerable questions. Questions like:

  • How much coaching are my teachers receiving?
  • Are my teachers hitting their benchmarks?
  • Are my teachers implementing what they’re learning in the classroom?
  • Where could my teachers be getting more support?

Thousands of data points. Summarized just for you.


Understand What’s Driving (or not driving) Student Achievement

Import your own student assessment data directly into eSuite Reports to analyze and interpret learner behavior, identify growth and areas for improvement, and see how your efforts are making an impact.

See the Direct Impact of Coaching on Student Growth

With the eSuite Reports Dashboard, you now have all of your growth data in one easy-to-use platform to support the stories of transformation that you’re seeing on the ground. Monitor educator growth alongside student achievement to be confident in the things that are impacting your students and abandon the things that aren’t.

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