Comprehensive Coaching • Explosive Growth

eGroweCoach is a comprehensive, job-embedded coaching application and process that helps educators grow significantly in a short amount of time. Whether across the table or across the world, eGroweCoach provides educators with a real-time, objective, collaborative coaching experience that structures, guides, and facilitates the coaching process from beginning to end.

Key Features:

Evidence-Based Educator Growth

After identifying individual growth goals, teachers upload evidence of mastery and classroom implementation relative to those goals directly into the platform, saving time on classroom visits and giving educators ownership of their progress.

Manage and Organize Coaching at Scale

Get rid of your scattered documents and spreadsheets! Schedule, conduct, and document coaching conversations with the coaching calendar, universal coaching log, and an embedded portfolio of teacher growth evidence.

Real-Time, Collaborative Coaching Log

Conversations need a record of goals, actions, and evidence–otherwise did it really happen? Use the Universal Coaching Log as the single source of truth of all professional learning activities.

Badges & Growth for All

Appreciate and celebrate growth across your district or campus with standard or customized badging and micro-credentials.

Flexible Professional Learning Rubrics & Growth Indicators

Use the competency-based learning standards and rubrics set by your district and campus–or go directly to logging any professional development activity, conversation, or classroom visit!

Technology– and Content–Agnostic

eGroweCoach and all the eSuite apps work across all modern desktop and mobile browsers, and can be used to capture evidence of growth during coaching conversations, classroom visits, or other workshop/trainings, providing a seamless experience regardless of the user’s device or your preferred training content.

Summarize Coaching & Plan Your Next Session

Leave every meeting with a clear summary of what was discussed, what resources can be used, and what happens next before scheduling your next coaching conversation directly in the platform.

Growth Rubrics & Micro-credentials!

Coaching Conversations Captured & Counting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our teachers already have an abundance of resources to help students learn. How can eSuite help?
For teachers who are rich in the “what,” eSuite provides a personalized coaching and support system on the “how.” The e2L Best Practices standards and rubrics that are coached through eGroweCoach and mySmartCoach sessions include actionable strategies that teachers can incorporate into their daily practice, whether they teach face-to-face, virtually, or in a hybrid setting.
How does eSuite support the implementation of High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM)?
eGroweCoach sessions that incorporate High-Yield Best Practices standards and rubrics provide teachers with actionable strategies on how to implement HQIM at 100% of its potential so that students grow and achieve. Did you know that without proper support, HQIM only yields 50% of the potential value? Coaching delivered through eGroweCoach is the support system that ensures HQIM is implemented effectively, and ROI is attained.
Does eSuite support coaching in a virtual setting?
It doesn’t just support it - it’s made for it!  In fact, it’s hard to imagine coaching virtually without it. When coaching virtually, it’s critical to have a coaching management platform to capture goals, next steps, growth data, and celebrations, so teachers feel supported and have access to a knowledge base that guides them. It fosters a personal connection between coach and coachee and gives teachers a direct line to other teachers, Best Practices, and ideas to take their daily practice to the next level.
We already have a fabulous team of coaches. How does eSuite fit in? What value does it add?
How do you know if your coaching is truly making the impact you envision?  With eGroweCoach and mySmartCoach, your fabulous coaching team can collect data on the growth they see in their coachees and allow you to quantify the value of your coaching team. As a leader, you identify patterns and trends through coaching and growth analytics in impactConsole while also drilling down into any coaching conversation that takes place in your district. With this real-time data at your fingertips, it helps you tell the story of your district’s growth, celebrate bright spots, and articulate the ROI you are getting from your coaching program.

4 Professional Growth Apps for Educators in 1 Integrated Platform


Evidence-based, personalized smart professional learning that gets results


Implement meaningful professional learning at scale for every educator


Provide more relevant and effective learning as part of each coaching session


Show the impact of coaching on the outcomes that matter